E-commerce, Entrepreneurship Made Easy

E-commerce, Entrepreneurship Made Easy

It was posited long time ago that the world needs more entrepreneurs to provide more job opportunities. Despite the prosperity we know today, the fact is that there are still many jobless individuals even in the developed worlds. And the Internet seems to catch up with that issue. It has been the major media for goods trading, that is later popularly called as e-commerce, around the world.

But what makes e-commerce thrives in the Internet era?

Very little budget to start

CommerceTechnically speaking, e-commerce business requires very few resources, like Internet connection, marketing skills, inventory, and knowledge about shipping. Add those with an e-commerce platform membership, and you are ready to trade.

If you are trading directly from a wholesaler to the customer, then you take the role of a retail business. The management will cost you more than if you are a drop-shipper. Dropshippers trade goods without the burden of storing and maintaining them. They act as a third party between manufacturers and buyers, but instead of buying the traded items directly and stock them, a drop-shipper searches for buyers first.

The challenge of being a drop-shipper is to gain customers’ trust and reach as many of them as possible. The downside of being a drop-shipper is that they will be least likely to get profitable deals. A drop-shipper earns money either in the form of commission or price difference. Sellers give their products in much lower price to a retail or a wholesale store because they dare to buy in a large party.

digital-marketing-1725340_1920For an independent e-commerce entrepreneur, not joining a platform does not mean that the business will be overpowering. Platforms offer transaction security, customer care, and marketing on their own. All you need to do is to pay the monthly/annual subscription fee. And by the time you want to own a site by yourself, suddenly those burdens will all be yours. And you shall not worry because your best help will be from outsourcing companies.

By partnering with outsourcing companies, you can divide the tasks of customer care, database management, and digital marketing. Online marketing will optimize your business’ exposure. And this principle does not limit itself to apply only to an e-commerce store. For instance, you can learn how charlihebdo managed their eCommerce strategy. They are publishing company for satire comics and has recently focused on the digital publishing industry. Previously, the company has been famous in printed publishing, but they realize how the technology in information has changed journalism and publishing industry.

E-commerce accommodate worldwide trade

SEOGLOBE01Platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Lazada provide shipping worldwide. And if you are an artisan who has gained just a little exposure, you can market your products with those platforms to reach more customers for your end.

Shipping industries have also been co-operative with e-commerce. In fact, it has been the very vital part of it. Renting for cargos have been made easier. The regulation for export and import in many countries have also shifted to be much more lenient.

E-commerce provides an infinite supply of market and demand

Stock marketE-commerce makes information worldwide accessible. As e result, when a store is running out of stock, the customer can search for the others with the tips of their fingers. Search engines allow both customers and sellers to interact with each other anytime.

Theoretically speaking, e-commerce is the ideal version of how a business environment is supposed to be. It is the next stage of the evolution of industry and entrepreneurship.…

3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you planning to reach out your target customers and market your brands using Facebook? Do you know the best marketing strategies to consider? All these questions can be answered if you are planning to promote your business and if you have the best business knowledge. However, there is an advance in the technology sector, and most business people have shifted to online businesses. This is because they are very easy to start and manage.

If you have decided to start your online business, you are recommended to know the best factors to put into consideration. This is because, without the best marketing strategies, you will not grow regarding business. While you are looking at some of the best business ideas, ensure that you know some of the mistakes you need to avoid Also, you can read some posts such as intelligenthq writes abou eCom success academy by Adrian Morrison that will help you to grow in your online business. Facebook has been discovered to be one of the easiest ways to market your business online. Therefore, the following are some of the Facebook marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

Not seeking to engage your audience.

poiuytrfdvbjklWhen it comes to marketing, it is essential to understand that marketing goes hand in hand just as making human connections and forming communities. Therefore, there are some ways you can use to market your business. However, if you are not careful, you will end up making some major mistakes that you will live to regret. After you have created your Facebook page and posted some essential contents, it will be viewed by your customers, and some of them will have some questions or recommendations. You should not avoid their remarks or questions but answer them immediately. By doing this, you will increase your long-term relationship with them.

Using the wrong post types

When you want to market your products and services, it is essential to understand that quality content is vital to marketing in any media. If you post weak contents, it becomes annoying to your customers and they are not going to get too much attention, or they will leave your Facebook page. Therefore, you need to avoid this by posting quality contents.

Inconsistent updating and posting

uytrdxcvbnklWhen you have your business Facebook page, you should ensure that your page is regularly updated. However, you will realize that many businesses have more than one social media profile. Due to this, some pages may end up being neglected. You need to avoid this by setting a regular update schedule that you will follow when you are planning to post and upgrade your Facebook page.…

What to bring on a business trip

What to bring on a business trip

If your work requires you to fly around to places, consider it as a privilege as not many people have that kind of luxury. But traveling every now and then can be quite a hassle as you have to pack, print and make sure you have everything you need before you go on another trip. Prepare your suitcase and your checklist as we list some stuff you need to bring on a business trip.

Bring your power bank

If you’re going to spend a lot of time on a trip might as well bring your power bank on the go. These portable battery chargers are great and handy especially when you’re out a lot. Make sure to find the right power bank that you need, some power banks have a dual socket in case you want to share with your colleague, and some have significant mAh capacity, which is good if you have a lot of devices to charge.

Bring your entertainment aids

Flying on a plane for more than five hours can be frustrating and tedious, make sure you bring your entertainment aids. A good book, mp3 player, hand-held gaming console, anything that will keep you occupied. Some planes offer free movies to watch, which is another good idea to spend your time on the plane.

Tip: some planes also offer free headset if you forgot to bring your own, make sure you clean it with some antiseptic wipes before you use it though!

Organizers are your best friend

Investing on an organizer might be a good idea, as it separates your stuff according to the category you want (Medicines, toiletries, electronics, makeup, etc.). A travel organizer might save you a lot of time on looking for your passport, tickets, hotel reservations and any things you might need during your trip.

Book what you need over there

If you’re going abroad for a business trip, consider booking services that you need before you go. For example, if you need to a banner or advertising flags for your booth or a sample for advertisement, consider using print services like Printsmart. Doing this will save you from a lot of hassle to bringing your things.

Business cards

kjljhklsdhkfsdWhen going on a business trip, you need to remember that this is for work purposes, not a vacation. Always bring your business card just in case you met an important client, bringing your card will help you increase your networking opportunities as you travel to many places.