How to Get Commercial Voice Over Work

In the event that you are looking for commercial voice-over work, several things are worth noting. For those who might wonder what commercial voice-over work entails, below is a list where it might be applied:

  • TV commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Web commercials
  • Cinema commercials

A commercial voice-over worker is someone who is paid to advertise on TVs, Radios, social media or through websites about a given product. Their main aim is to convince the target market of the need to buy a given product.

Tips for Getting Commercial Voice Over Job

When applying for commercial voice over jobs, it is essential to ensure that you possess the following characteristics listed below:


should be confidentFor you to make it in this career, you will have to be confident. If you are to convince people regarding a given product, you will need to be optimistic about what you are talking about. A shaky voice might not be able to achieve much. To be able to convince people about something, you need to show that you believe in whatever you are saying. The only way to accomplish this is by having a confident and composed voice. In the case of web and TV commercials that may need you to appear on a screen

Understand the Product

There is a common misconception that most people have that you don’t have to understand a product for you to advertise it because you have a script from which you are reading. While to some extent this may be true, there is always a slight chance that the script may not always have gotten everything right and for this reason, a person who doesn’t understand a thing about the product may not realize this thus, he will just read the script as it is. This will look utterly ludicrous to the target market who understands the product. It is, therefore, important to at least have a slight idea of what the product is all about as this will also make it easy for you to explain it to the intended audience with or without a script.

Good Communication Skills

You need to have excellent communication skills if you are to make an excellent commercial voice-over. A person who struggles to explain themselves may not be able to hit the mark here. Remember that commercial voiceover is all about convincing people why they need to buy a given product. For this reason, you will need to be convincing. If you are a naturally good communicator, you will have an easy time acting this part.

Good Command of the Language

Lastly, if you are to score in this area, you will have to have a good command of the language. An excellent commercial voice over is the one that flows, and this cannot be achieved if one is not useful in the language that they are using.

The above are some of the few tips that may help you understand what are voice overs commercial kings and get an amazing commercial voice-over work. To be good at it, you will need to practice regularly and keep improving your skills daily.